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Evert Panis, Sadya Keyrer, and Jescika Van Overveld live and create artwork at the Galerie Amsterdam, a center for outsider art in the Netherlands. Galerie Amsterdam is the home for people who have Down Syndrome.  From painting and pottery, to theatre, Galerie Amsterdam supports a creative environment. Top art professors from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, and Amsterdamse Hogeschool Voor de Konsten (Academy of Fine Arts) guide these artists.  The works by these artists recall the paintings by the expressionist masters of the 20th century and show how individuals with Down Syndrome have a rich and complex mental life.

Evert Panis created this imaginative series after being given copies of maps and travel brochures.  He drew inspiration from the repetition of windows in hotels and the grid-like lines in maps. His artworks transport the viewer into a place where lines become faces, bubbles, roads and organic creatures. Panis visits far away places in his imagination and express these places creatively as symbolic art. He finds liberation in art and communicates his ideas without any limitations.