Inspired by his diverse upbringing in Western Europe and Africa Jean-Pol Franqueuil is a French born artist. After having his work published in various international media outlets, Franqueuil found his calling in fine art. His varied creative approaches which include painting, drawing, sculpture, portraits, caricatures, and contemporary impressionism are reflective of his life living and working in countries all over the world. After a period of experimentation, Franqueil has settled on expressionism in relation to politics and social subjects and how they relate and interact in everyday life. Working within the term he coined as ‘beyondism’, he intends to catch a moment and create the illusion of extending beyond the frame of the canvas—beyond the visions of reality. Although ideas and objects which should otherwise remain on the forefront of society, Franqueil demonstrates the process in which he creates a veil of anonymity over them. Inspired by Austrian symbolist painter, Gustav Klimt, Franqueil’s uses a palette of rich pastel colors and repeating organic symbols that wrap and soften stark objects within larger global culture. This fabric that engulfs our everyday lives not only creates a shield against sensations we encounter daily, but it also creates a loss of authentic and constructive dialogue.

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