Lara Del Aor is a French artist with a very distinctive and original work. 


Indeed, the essential element of her work is the enlightenment through the profound realisation that one is already an achieved being. This awakening by her colour can happen gradually or in a flash of insight. But in either case, it is the result of one’s own efforts. The canvas becomes a luminous field which generates a distinctive aesthetic where the empty and the full become one. Moreover, Del Aor emphasises on simplicity and the importance of the natural world. 


Inspired by her studies of mathematics and philosophy, each of her artwork represents geometric shapes and powerful colours expressing strong ideas : « My monochrome canvases and sober shapes reflect a several year denudation process, but they are inhabited by the sensuality and poetry of randomly placed golden touches. A door to life mystery ». 


Lara Del Aor exposed her work in many countries like Italy (in 2013, 2009 and 2005), Germany (in 2018 and 2016), Japan (in 2019, 2013 and 2009) and of course many times in France, where she comes from. She notably exposed in the castle of La Motte Beaumanoir and in many French cites such as Vienne, Boulogne, Monceau and of course Paris. She also has been mentioned in a lot of French medias, like national TV channels France 2 and France 3, Gazette des Arts or Art Absolument.

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