Augé, born in Paris, received unusually high praise from Georges Braque at a young age, which supported his position in the contemporary art arena in the 1950s.

His work is recognized for a rich use of color, delicately balanced figures with sensual and soft scenes, and also a hint of surrealism. Augé left Paris in 1951 to travel for five years throughout Italy and Greece, where the Renaissance artists influenced his painting: his approach was one of both art and craft. Augé achieved success in Rome’s art establishment and later caught Braque’s attention back in Paris at the École des Beaux-Arts. Shortly after, he had exhibitions from London to cities in the United States and Africa.

During this time Augé had a tumultuous life and internal struggles that led him through a variety of professions, including: aviator, photographer, fabric designer, scene and costume designer, and auto racer. Later in life, after working through internal contradictions, his art became more refined, and he has since had numerous one-man shows throughout the United States.

His work today is characterized more by amused indulgence, but also creates for the viewer a world of fantasy and magnetic intellectualism.

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