French artist. Lorette's piece evokes the wet chill felt on the beaches of Normandy through his smooth application of grays that shade into waves that tumble onto the shores almost like snowcapes, further shutting out any sense of warmth.

However, deep purples and soft blues temper any harshness felt here; the cold is not a cruel, but of longing and loneliness, a winter shore on a clear day that can only barely feel the sun's rays. Abandonment plays out through subject, too: two boats left on the shore, a lone sailboat on the water, a smokestack lazily producing deep gray fumes into the sky, and a figure standing on a rock, looking down without practical purpose into the depths of the waves.

The work invites its viewer to feel the raw mingling of cold and water, and thus a deep sense of comfort in whatever space the painting resides.

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